Slush Machine - 2 bowl - Code # SM-2

2 Bowl equipment

First Class: 2-bowl slush machine

It is the only real multipurpose machine for the perfect mixing of cold or frozen drinks.
First machine fitted with a double-propeller mixing system which guarantees perfect homogeneous mixing.
It may be cleaned very quickly and helps you respect the HACCP sanitary regulations .
It has a capacity of no less the 12 liters for every bowl and offers you the opportunity to increase its capacity up to unlimited using our auto-fill system.




Slush Machine - 3 bowl - Code # SM-3

3 bowl slush machine

First Class: 3-bowl slush machine

Go for the triple-play with a three-freezer setup, maximizing your slush flavor options with an eye-catching yet hard-working configuration.


Slush Machine - 1 Bowl - Stoeling - Code # SM-1

Stoelting Machines use a Neutral Flavour (SLU-Pack-06) and have the "Pump Bottles" located on the side
    : Acid (Sour Shots), can be added in 2 litre Jugs: SLU-2-10

Cherry syrup & jug     Lime syrup