Over 150 Million Mr. Freeze Pops and

Mr. Freeze Slush Frozen Beverages are enjoyed every year

Mr. Freeze Brand History

The Mr. Freeze brand was introduced to the Canadian Market over fifty (50) years ago for Freeze Pops. Mr. Freeze Pops are fun flavoured, freezable water ice products. Their CLASSIC flavours and tastes are enjoyed by millions of kids, teens, and young adults throughout Canada.

They are available at thousands of local grocery stores, other food and convenience outlets throughout Canada. To enjoy Mr. Freeze Pops, just freeze, separate and eat.

The Mr. Freeze Trademark is owned by Kisko Products in Canada.  Kisko Products is a proud family run business, based in Toronto, whose focus for 40 years has always been to produce the best quality freeze pops in the market. 




Mr. Freeze Slush Development

The Mr. Freeze Slush business is managed nationally under License from Kisko Products by Poppa Corn Corporation. Poppa Corn Corp. is a Canadian market leader in concession slush equipment and service. Mr. Freeze Slush, flavoured frozen beverages are made exclusively from CLASSIC Mr. Freeze flavours.

Mr. Freeze Slush is available throughout Canada for you to serve at your concession stand or retail outlet.

: Whether you are a Movie Theatre, Gas Station, Supermarket, Sports Arena, Convenience/ Specialty Food Store, Roller Rink, Bowling / Sports Facility, Mini Putt, Zoo, Museum, Golf Club, Fair, Camp or Carnival.

Mr. Freeze Slush